Dear Readers,

We have seen the heartbreaking videos and have read all of the devastating numbers associated with contracted cases and lives lost as a result of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Businesses and so many employees also have succumbed to the nation’s health crisis known as the pandemic. Professionally, some have had the good fortune of continuing at their jobs receiving consistent paychecks, while others did not fare as well. Personally, two friends of mine contracted the virus spending several days in the hospital. Thankfully, they have recovered and returned safely to their families, loved ones and friends.

Over the past couple of months, I was made aware that someone I both know and worked with from the appraisal profession was suffering from the coronavirus. I was reaching out to veteran appraiser Bryan Reynolds to see whether I could speak with him about a concept he shared with others. After a few emails, Reynolds got back to me with the news I was hoping to never hear. Reynolds was diagnosed with
COVID-19, and said he would have to get back to me at a later time because the virus, in his words, was “kicking his butt.”

I felt so bad reading those words, Of course, I told him to just concentrate on getting well because the story, any story, can certainly wait. As the weeks passed, I happen to see Reynolds on a LinkedIn post where he confirmed he was feeling much better, and wanted to thank everyone for their support during a most difficult and scary time. I was able to contact him a week after I saw his social media message and asked him whether he would be willing to share his story with the Valuation Review audience. He said he would be glad to, and by way of a Zoom virtual hookup, I sat down with
Reynolds, who shared his experiences. In an upcoming issue, our readers will be able to get the full story, as he described everything from the initial hearing that he was sick to the triumphant recovery with so many by his side, including many colleagues from within the appraisal industry.

I was very moved by Reynolds’ story and courage. Be sure to check this special feature out at coming soon. It certainly reminds us all that although this pandemic took away a lot of things from people, it is more important to stay focused and be appreciative of what we all still have. As we continue walking down this new path, please take the time to realize what and who is truly important in your life, and cherish those precious gifts. Stay safe and healthy!

Your valued editor.
Mike Holzheimer