October Research is dedicated to educating and empowering professionals in the real estate transaction to strengthen their business and enhance their position in the marketplace, ensuring the integrity of home ownership.

Publications include The Title Report, The Legal Description, RESPA News, Dodd Frank Update and Valuation Review. The company also produces the National Settlement Services Summit (NS3), educational webinars, special reports, marketing opportunities and custom publishing.

The Title Report
The Legal Description
Dodd Frank Update
Valuation Review
National Settlement Services Summit (NS3)

What are customers saying?

“October Research’s publications, emails and webinars are our companies’ primary resource for industry updates, legislative changes and analysis and for strategic insights into current and future trends and obstacles.”

Christopher Gulotta - CEO and Founder , Real Estate Data Shield and The Gulotta Grabiner Law Group

“The sharing of ideas with peers and the contacts made at NS3 are invaluable. Meeting with industry leaders, colleagues and business associates face-to-face was priceless. Having regulators participate and provide their perspective on their jobs and regulatory compliance was insightful.”

NS3 Attendee

“We can be grateful that The Title Report is getting out in front of the emerging opportunities posed by online and electronic notarization.”

Webinar Attendee